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Ocd outflow control devices are installed on the injector well to improve steam placement and chamber growth and ultimately improve productivity of the sagd process. Linkwell heaters in a sagd well pair for the first 6 9 months improve lifetime performance. This paper is accepted for the proceedings of the canadian international petroleum conference cipc 2009, calgary, alberta, canada, 16. Steam is injected into the upper well and fluids are produced from the lower well. Sagd thermohydraulic well design cfer technologies. Steamassisted gravity drainage sagd is a thermal in situ heavy oil recovery process that was originally developed by butler 1991. Applicable business associates bas will be notified prior to any completion type changes to. Evaluation of steam circulation strategies for sagd startup jianyang yuan osum oil sands corp. Completion of several smaller construction projects in the existing running plant including expansion of boiler feedwater building, new iron filter package and new wacsac units. Sperry drilling offers proprietary magnetic ranging technology that provides the precise wellbore placement needed for sagd wells.

The sagd process injects steam via a well and piping system into the deep bitumen reservoir to heat the. Faster first oil due to accelerated initial heating no early steam breakthrough increased oil production and sagd efficiency fore pattern life due to improved steam conformance initial heat applied uniformly sets up the pattern for success. Without steam management, sagd completions deliver steam preferentially at. The top well injects steam to heat the bitumen, which separates from the sand and collects with the produced water in the lower well, approximately five metres below. Customize your well completions and mitigate risk for the life of the well with solutions for tubing movement, scale buildup, corrosion, erosion, zonal isolation, selective production, and more. This is normally achieved by initially circulating steam in each well. The vapex process is a technology similar to sagd but instead of steam, solvent is injected into the oil sands resulting in significant. A plan view of a typical nine well pair sagd pad is presented on figure 1. Sagd well pairs are laid out on 67 m well spacing and each well pad will have up to 12 sagd well pairs. To design an icd completion trial at the mackay river sagd project, brion energy has conducted studies involving theoretical analysis, segmented well. December 20 41 process description process description. The planned well pad drilling sequence is described in volume 1, section 4. The rf icd is able to equalize production flow across the entire lateral and restore a well to its desired performance level. The sagd well configuration typically consists of two parallel horizontal wells within a short distance, one above the other.

Design of flow control devices in steamassisted gravity. Steamassisted gravity drainage an overview sciencedirect. All sagd wells in the project will be spud vertically on. A systematic approach for inflow control devices testing in. Sagd generates produced water alongside oil production, with the water recycled as much as possible before blowdown is required. Advanced completion technologies for thermal heavy oil. Equiflow optisteam flow control device for sagd injector. A crosssection view of an idealized, evolving, steam chamber. Horizontal well lengths range from 800 to 900m, total drilled lengths of 1,240m to 1,380m, 65m interwell spacing all injectors completed with slotted liners, 9 producers completed with slotted liners, 1 with a facsrite wire mesh completion b7p no new wells since initial 10 well drilling program sagd well workovers. Sagd is an enhanced oil recovery technology for producing heavy crude oil and bitumen.

Many of these applications use large diameter wells with complex three. This paper presents a completion solution for sagd wells which can reduce wasted steam injection at the toe section of the well and remediate steam breakthrough problems. Oil sands drilling and completions needs identification. Pdf assessment of sagd well configuration optimization. Sagd wellpair completion optimization using scab liner. Using high temperature swellable packers to direct steam. Grizzly may river sagd project section 4 december 20 42 process description grizzly oil sands ulc 4. Typically, the sagd well pads will contain 12 sagd wells on 67 m horizontal well spacing plus seven dewatering wells where required. The modular building systems included well pad skids, pipe rack modules and ecc ehouses complete with transformers.

In the case of sagd, this requires that the intervening fluid between the well pair be heated to a temperature sufficiently high to cause the oil to flow from upper well injector to a lower well producer. University of calgary comparison of css and sagd in cold lake by farshid shayganpour a thesis submitted to the faculty of graduate studies in partial fulfilment of. Sagd css chops dusseault chops ugnu viscosities are well above the current waterflood viscosity threshold viscosity is within the limits of primary, chops, polymer flood, and a number of steam recovery methods. Sagd project economics and environmental performance can be significantly improved through the application of emerging technologies to bring down the cost of drilling and completion. Enhanced heavy oilbitumen recovery through improved thermal efficiencies.

A field evaluation is performed to decide on and simulate the well construction and completion. Whether applying an existing design to your sagd well pad development plans, optimising a given design, or developing a new standardised well pad program, we have an impressive track record of client satisfaction. Figure 215 sagd well completion 41 figure 31 average daily oil and cumulative oil versus production date for cnrl. Pdf understanding cement mechanical behavior in sagd wells. Well history date remarks 2nd sagd pilot injector well sagd production phase bri hz inj2 102 portage 10367618. The pair of highangle wells is drilled with a vertical separation of about 5 m 16 ft. However, in this type of fcd design, unlike to other applications of fcd, both heat and. Weatherford completion systems accept no liability for the contents of this study. Motivation steam injection technology has been used for many decades to improve the re. Injection in steamassisted gravity drainage sagd wind down undertaken by ptac. The race for preservation case study with the clients facility having been decommissioned for more than a year, residual emulsion on internals made for a very sticky situation that traditionally requires mechanical removal. In this study, we address how to design sagd injector and producer completions using steam splitters and scab liners.

World oil june 2015 f3 drilling ompletio n workove luid 015 world oils fluids nomenclature these system descriptions and product definitions reflect general industry practice and. Controlling postcompletion flow in steamassisted gravity. Pelican lake sagd pilot aer approval 11469c aer d054 annual update january 1, 2015 december 31, 2015. The combination of piping and equipment necessitates methods. A comparison study between the newly developed vertical. Results from reservoir simulation with coupled wellbore hydraulics will be presented to show how a well pair could be optimized by attaining favorite pressure profiles inside the injector and producer liners. This cenovus pelican lake sagd pilot january 1, 2015 to december 31, 2015 update update is prepared and submitted pursuant to regulatory. A sagd steam injector well with a trajectory, completion. Through research funding and peer collaboration, devon continues to investigate opportunities for technological improvements. For example, thermal well technologies, such as cyclic steam stimulation css, with peak temperatures higher than 330c, and steam assisted gravity drainage sagd, with peak temperatures higher than 220c, have been widely used to produce viscous heavy oil and bitumen.

The bulk of capital costs in steam assisted gravity drainage sagd and other thermal processes relates to drilling and completion activities. Upon completion of bitumen removal, systems were dried to a dew point temperature of 25c and then purged with nitrogen to remove oxygen just in time to meet insurance requirements for asset integrity. It is an advanced form of steam stimulation in which a pair of horizontal wells is drilled into the oil reservoir, one a few metres above the other. Pdf several sand control techniques have been used in sagd wells in western. Gas lift was chosen due to the low cost and its ability to accommodate the elevated temperature conditions and high fluid production rates. At that time, a decision will be made on whether to proceed with the project. Steamassisted gravity drainage sagd is a drilling technique that is used to extract heavy oil that is.

As the steam rises and expands, it heats up the heavy oil, reducing its viscosity. Oil sands drilling and completions needs identification, technology scan, gap analysis and prioritization final report. Our expertise in standardisation and modularisation creates short and longterm cost savings. Smart pad is designed to dynamically distribute steam injection along multiple well pairs so that over a period of operation, the padscale csor is lowered as the process evolves. The semiannual psac well cost study has been produced by the petroleum services association of canada psac since 1981. Simulating the physical challenges of unconventional oil. The animation takes the student underground, to where the actual sagd process occurs. For conventional sagd completions left, both production and injection wells are cased. Economic benefits of gas injection in steam assisted. The main objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of well configuration on sagd performance and develop a methodology for enhancement of the sagd performance through optimizing the well. Challenge steam assisted gravity drainage sagd uses injected steam to reduce bitumen viscosity and increase oil production. Additional halliburton technologies for sagd in addition to these completion solutions, halliburton offers cuttingedge technologies to support every phase of a heavy oil project. Sagd well pair and the mitigation strategies to minimize the negative environmental and cost. Abstract due to the unique challenges of thermal sagd operations, advanced well completions and configurations are becoming the industry standard.

Evaluation of steam circulation strategies for sagd startup. Sagd wellpair completion optimization using scab liner and steam splitters. Oil sands recovery production technologies deep well oil. Upon starting construction, the team found inconsistencies in the drawings. To design an icd completion trial at the mackay river sagd project, brion energy has conducted studies involving theoretical analysis, segmented well simulation, technology evaluation, and equipment selection. Sagd operations manager position overview the sagd directional drilling consultant will be responsible for precision wellbore placement in a sagd environment. Provided a comprehensive and detailed qaqc package for all work performed including all electrical and instrument testing reports. Design of flow control devices in steamassisted gravity drainage sagd completion article pdf available october 2017 with 228 reads how we measure reads.

Gas lift deployed is a poor boy version which is simple completion consisting of. These pairs of horizontal wells are drilled from a central well pad in order to minimize land disturbance. The project will be comprised of a pilot plant, 4 well pads, a borrow pit, well pad access roads, camp site, and a pipeline corridor which will collectively occupy about 43. Pdf assessment of sagd well configuration optimization in. Must use a rigorous approach to establish design criteria. Meg energy uses steamassisted gravity drainage, or sagd, technology to recover bitumen in sagd operations, pairs of stacked horizontal wells are drilled into the reservoir about 400 metres beneath the surface. Gas lift theory application sagd gas lift was one of the first artificial lift choices for sagd operations. A systematic approach for inflow control devices testing. Unwanted sand production can be damaging to a wells performance and may. This role requires a strong understanding of formation evaluation, anticollision, precise well placement.

Determining an appropriate well design is a complex process. Using high temperature swellable packers to direct steam injection in sagd wells whoc 14282 new orleans. The well pads have been located with consideration of operability, capital costs and environmental impacts. A thermal production method for heavy oil that pairs a highangle injection well with a nearby production well drilled along a parallel trajectory. Gravity drainage sagd technology, which is the most promising and proven technology for projects of this nature. Steam is injected into the reservoir through the upper well. Nevertheless, the available drawdown between sagd well pairs is very limited and the conventional design approach consisting of uniform flow along the horizontal section is not applicable. Sagd completions offer the most promise of producing bitumen resources from athabasca oilsands deposits. The objective of the project was to study the sagd wind down process i.

First, a method to condition the pid control gains is described and second, the controller is applied to a multiple well pair sagd pad in a typical athabasca oil sands. Sagd wellpair completion optimization using scab liner and. All existing sagd well completions in iris will be converted to permanent oilsteam injection. Comprehensive formation evaluation program is essential well completion design is a dynamic process, it must include feedback from completion performance. All blackgold sagd well pairs are spaced about 95 100 meters except for. Blowdown purges dissolved solids and organics from the sagd water balance so. Economic benefits of gas injection in steamassisted gravity drainage sagd wind down final report march 31, 2016. The sensitivity analysis assists to identify reservoir properties, fluid conditions, and well completion strategies where the new process vwsagd may be a suitable eor thermal process. The installation of high temperature swellable packers in these completions allows for uniform distribution or selective. The project consists of up to 110 horizontal sagd well irs drilled into pa the mcmurray c on well pads figure 1. High pressure steam is continuously injected into the upper. This webinar discusses how to better capture the wellborereservoir interaction, and effectively manage production profiles and recovery in order to maximize the net present value npv. Onoff flow ability and allows for last minute changes to flow setting. Economic benefits of gas injection in steam assisted gravity.

Fcd system in the underperforming sagd producer well. Simulation of a sagd well blowout using a reservoirwellbore coupled simulator. The completion was designed around temperature, pressure, geological, and well proximity data, and used hightemperature rebarriertm swell packers to compartmentalize flow in the lateral. Average well drilling and completion costs for the 5 onshore plays studied follow similar trajectories. Over the project life, a total of 90 sagd well pads, with approximately 961 well pairs, are planned. Review daily activity with well superintendent, including coordination of daily morning completion and well servicing meetings with required team members. While the retrofit system is applicable to most production scenarios, it has found the most applications to date in steamassisted gravity drainage sagd wells fig. Butler proposed to use steam injection, coupled with horizontal well technology, to assist the movement of oil to a production well by means of gravitational forces. A read is counted each time someone views a publication summary such as the title, abstract, and list of authors, clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the fulltext. From there, it is pumped to the surface for further processing. Declineshift solution extended field life with additional. The design was optimized to counteract the producer well, to improve wellbore. Wo20171850a1 single well cross steam and gravity drainage. Sample petroleum services association of canada psac.

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