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The first laboratory to market a natural vitamin c in france with its small yellow box. This workshop discussed the opportunities of ephytos and provided information on the. This technology has been receiving attention lately as an innovative, costeffective alternative to the more established treatment methods used. Phytoremediation is an emerging technology that uses various plants to degrade, extract, contain, or immobilize contaminants from soil and water. Please note that the product liability of usd1 million is con. For all of history, food has provided these building blocks. Protein and carbohydrates are chief components of the human body. Drawing its inspiration from the traditional chinese medicine tcm, the ophyto energetic cares method is essentially based on the 5 elements theory. Introduction 1 ecophyto dephy ferme en ornement on vimeo. European scientific journal november 2016 edition vol.

Equipe pharmacognosie et chimie des substances naturelles. Both nppos and the agricultural and forestry industries can benefit from transaction cost reductions, improved trade security, risk management and increased trade flows through the ephyto solution. A key player in the manufacturing of natural and organic cosmetics and food supplements in france. A laboratory founded in 1992 and located in the heart of the southwest of france, in cestas near bordeaux. Any purchases made from other portals example lazada will not be covered. Are you willing to sell our products or to join our team. The nature is also reflecting our inner functioning.

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