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Broadcast tape transfer services convert tapes to digital. They are distinguished from one another by a logo on the front of the tape. We specialize in converting broadcast tapes to digitaldvd without loss of video quality. You need to be sure which beta formats youre dealing with. Betacam tapes and other broadcast formats can begin to decay within 5 years recording and continue to lose quality as time goes on. Betacam tape transfer service, video conversion service. Betacam is family of halfinch professional videocassette products developed by sony in 1982. All in all, if youre looking for truly extensive and inexpensive. Converting betacam sp into digital for premiere pro videomaker.

A betacamsp machine will accept only analog sp and betacam tapes. I just did a quick search on ebay for the cheapest equipment so im not sure if theyre good enough. As i must get the best possible quality from these tapes, i wonder what is the best file format to use for capture. Betacam and betacam sp tape cassette shells varied in color depending on the manufacturer.

Betacam sp tapes, free betacam sp tapes software downloads. Our process in both hardware and software based for the absolute. We can transfer your video to dvd or file by converting your vhs, svhs, vhsc, hi8, digital 8, betamax, betacam, betacam sp, betacam sx, digital beta, mpeg imx, umatic. While digital betacam is a dated format, and still used in some broadcast television stations, the original betacam and betacam sp formats are no longer used. We specialize in the duplication and recovery of domestis ntsc and foreign standards pal paln, m, secam. The ability to play and transfer betacam and betacam sp to dvd or digital will continue. A blank betamax tape that could hold 3 hours of recordings would be reduced to 30 minutes if recorded on a betacam recorder. The betamax era was the era of the video game, prince charles and princess diana, star wars, women in space and the war between the vhs and the beta tape. Blackmagic forum view topic digitizing betacam sp and.

Betacam sp branded tapes cannot be used for recording in consumer betamax vcrs like oxide betacam tapes, due to betacam sp s metalformulation tape causing the video heads in a betamax deck to wear prematurely, which are made of a softer material than the heads in a standard betacam deck. Each video tape is processed in realtime from beginning to end to ensure every moment is preserved. Betacam transfer service by current pixel current pixel is an experienced media conversion company that you can trust to transfer betacam and betacam sp tapes to dvd or other digital file formats like mp4. We can convert betacam, betacam sp and betacam sx and digital betacam, dvcpro 25, dvcpro 50, and dvcpro hd tapes to dvd, bluray, avi, mov, hdavi and prores. Betacam and betacam sp are considered a professional tape format mainly used by broadcasters and television stations for news coverage and programming. The built in down converter means you can even connect ultra hd sources to component video in sd or hd as well as ntsc and pal video. Studio tapes, umatic and betacam to digital transfer services. Most of the vtrs have bnc correction for svideo or component. Ive just bought an intensity shuttle thunderbolt device and my task is to digitize a huge series of 1030 min. Up conversion to 1920x1080 via hardware during capture is available. I have a uvw100 beta deck, and can work on either of two computers with two different versions of media composer.

Betacam sp youve spent a lot of time on your professional video projects, so dont let them become distant memories. Our vhs, 8mm, hi8, minidv and digital8 to bluray conversion services are available throughout the united states and around the world. So dont immediately blame your pc, you could loose a lot of hair and money for nought. Convert betacam to dvd or digital betacam transfer. First introduced in 1982, betacamsp was developed for broadcast professionals. It seems like that may do it, but i have to be sure. Avalive can do a high quality up convert to true 1080 hd using our advanced hardware and software process for a very cost effective price. Despite the formats age it remained a common standard for video postproduction into the 2000s. Popular file formats we can provide are prores, mov, mp4, m4v, and avi. Betacam sp superior performance was released in 1986 and increased the horizontal resolution to 340 lines largely due to new metal formulated tapes. I have some betamax tapes of home movies and i want to transfer them to dvd.

We offer video tape to dvd transfers, cd, dvd and bluray duplication, home movie film transfer, conversions to foreign, professional or internet formats and much more. Most folks seem to be happy using sony uvw14001800 decks for betacamsp capture work. Betacam is a professional videotape format developed by sony in 1982. Yes, i realize this isnt helping you convert your clients to dv, but im just wondering, if the above is the case, why you have to use an outside service to produce betacam tapes. The only feature of the format they dont support is the afm audio tracks recorded just like vhs hifi tracks are, by the video head. Formats include vhs, svhs, vhsc, svhsc, video8, hi8, digital8, betamax, mini dv, betacam sp, dvcam and hdv. Betacam to dvd, transfer betacam, convert professional. Sdi is must have only if the tapes were originally digital.

Betacam is recorded at a much higher speed than betamax. S tapes have a recording time up to 62 minutes, and l tapes up to 194. So since i already have a sony uvw1200 betacam sp tape dock, is the following equipment good enough to do the transfers with the two channels of audio minus any cables. Fuji film h321e betacam sp video cassette tape cartridge 60l. This topic has 1 reply, 5 voices, and was last updated 2 years, 5 months ago by trevor. Mail us your beta sp tape, and get a high quality dvd back shipped to your door. Betacam sp or beta sp was the industry standard for most television stations from 1987 through the late 1990s. Used in television studios throughout the world, betacam sp is a very popular professional video format. Sony betacam sp software free download sony betacam sp. Converting video to mp4 is a process where your now old technology vhs, hi 8, mini dv, betamax and vhsc tapes is turned into a popular, current format, called mp4, so you can enjoy them on any windows or mac computer. My kneejerk reaction was to look at the blackmagic opengear card, and its price is what would be expected from blackmagic. Ive been recently tasked with archiving old betacam sp and dvcam tapes.

Many companies sold betacam tapes, sometimes of their own manufacture, sometimes rebranded. Betacam to digital conversion and betacam sp s video format was first produced by sony at the beginning of the 80s. I have some experience with capturing umatic, d1, betacamsp, add digital betacam aka digibeta. I would like to convert a betacam sp tape to dvd, assuming i have a dvd writter and a betacam machine, how would this be done. Nyc audio video conversions provides video tape transfer services for beta sp to dvd. Unveiled in 1982 as a professional version of betamax, betacam was improved in subsequent years with the formats beta sp and digital. Betacam tape conversion to digital video image productions. Betacam tape, also called betacam oxide or beta oxide, halfinch professional videotape product developed by sony. Fuji, maxell, ampex and 3m were just some of the major brands to do so.

All betacam sx equipment is compatible with betacam sp tapes. I have to somehow get them into a new mac pro via thunderbolt. We can record your betacam sp video tape to digital files so it may be viewed on current digital video players, computers, and mobile devices. It was later upgraded to betacam sp, which increased the quality even more. We transfer most media formats including older, vintage, antique, and modern formats to cd and dvd for convenient viewing and listening. This was a popular format for mobile video cameras due to the fact that the tape was about half the size as the original betacam, and required smaller equipment to record onto. As part of our comprehensive portfolio of media transfer solutions, we help customer convert betacam tapes to more sustainable and accessible formats. The betacam sp machine is a sony pvw2800 and the dvcam deck is a sony dsr1600a. Betacam to dvd, transfer betacam, convert professional betacam. We offer all different lengths of beta sp tape, including bct5ma, b5msp, bct30ma, b30msp, bct90mla, bct60mla, and much more. Transfer services for capturing content from professional broadcast video tapes and converting it to new digital formats such as h.

Furthermore, there were later formats that also use the same form factor of cassette. Betacam tape sony, fuji and maxell fuji betacam tapes. Betacam, betacam sp, betacam sp s, 34 umatic, hdv tape, high definition video file transfer to dvd. Digital betacam, or digibeta, launched in 1993 and served as a superior format to both betacam and beta sp. If you are looking to convert your old studio footage, video project, or business commercials to digital files to integrate into your modern workflow two squares is where your tapes need to go. How to transfer beta tape to digital it still works. Convert your professional umatic video tapes and transfer to our 100 year archival dvds, compatibility guaranteed. With over 25 years of experience in the digital conversion business, were experts at transferring betacam tapes to digital or dvd. Betacam tape transfer services convert betacam tapes to. Betacam sx is a digital version of betacam sp introduced in 1996, positioned as a cheaper alternative to digital betacam. Betacam provided broadcastquality standard definition recording, available in 2 tape sizes. Archive digitization automated industrial digitization of.

Betacam generally comes in three formats betacam, betacam sp, and digibeta. Betacamsp tapes to flash drive, transfer umatic tape to hard. Betacam transfer dvd, and digital hd digital video formats. Blackmagic h264 pro recorder fora fa350ru soundcraft spirit folio rw5353. Best transferring video device convert vhs tapes camcorder tapes to digital. The word betacam can be used to describe the tape itself, the device used to record to the tapes, or the format itself.

We convert your betacam tapes to 100 year archival dvds. A betacam sp cassette will not play on a betacam without the sp vtr, and im not aware of any sp vtrs that will also play betacam without the sp tapes. Betacam tape to dvd conversion service everpresent. Convert betacam to dvd or digital betacam transfer service. With betacam sp, things have gotten easier with the proliferation of component capture cards.

You get myriad features, a highquality capture device, and an easytouse program with lots of. Betacam sp betacam sp tape beta sp betacam sp format. Our skilled video technicians convert betacam to digital, as well as all other formats using stateoftheart equipment and software. The format is still widely in use, especially in the last revision called betacam imx. Transfer betamax sp video tape to dvd and video files. Betacam is a family of halfinch professional videocassette products developed by sony in 1982. Smooth photo scanning offers video transfer services for the following professional broadcast tape formats. The tapechek proline 4100 betacam detectorcleaner is designed to meet the needs of broadcasters and other professional betacam users. The blackmagic design mini converter sdi to analog 4k includes everything you need to convert from sd, hd, 3g and 6gsdi video to analog in hdsd component, ntsc and pal video. Cintrex can transfer your professional broadcast video tapes to new digital memories as.

The s tapes come with up to 40 minutes of running time, and the l tapes come with up to 124 minutes of running time. Convert betacam and dvcam to digital and dvd san diego. Can betcam decks sp, sx, digital play back betamax tapes. All betacam variants from plain analog recording betacam to betacam sp. The digibeta format was popular for broadcast television use as a digital video cassette format that offers higher resolutions, a fifth analog audio track for cueing, and a linear timecode track on the tape.

The video files we record for you can also be used in video editing software like final cut pro, adobe premiere, vegas, and imovie. Video transfer video conversion malvern bala cynwyd pa. Masterpiece multimedia provides video transfer and video conversion services at its stores in malvern, havertown and limerick, pa. They seem to be readily available on ebay and from broadcast equipment dealers.

Open the digital video capture program on the computer, such as microsoft movie. The digibeta format was popular for broadcast television use as a digital video cassette format that offers higher resolutions, a fifth. At beta sp to dvd, we use the latest digital technology for video tape duplication and conversion. I have many beta sp tapes that i have shot over the years, which i want to convert to a digital format in avid. Its also the most common format used to share videos with friends and family. Betacam tapes came in 2 sizes, the smaller tape pictured at right was more practical for using in cameras used in location videotaping, such as news reporting. Studio tapes, umatic and betacam to digital transfer. Evaporatedmetal dv and metalparticle dvcprp tape stock is considerably less expensive than betacam sp s metal particle tape. Betacam, betacam sp, betacam sps, 34 umatic, hdv tape, high definition video file. Broadcast tapes are a variety of professional video tape formats generally used for television or motion picture production due to their superior picture and sound quality.

Betacam sps to dvd denver, transfer betacam sps, convert. Betacam sp s is compact version of the betacam cassette. Tapeonline sells blank betacam sp videotape from the major brands including sony, fuji, and maxell. Our audio and video tape transfer conversion services feature the following. Sony betacam sp software anyviewsoft sony mp4 video converter v.

Professional video conversion editing betacam digital sp sx imx hd hdv. Betacam can often refer to either the betacam camcorder, the tape, the video recorder, or the format itself. Blackmagic forum view topic converting betacam sp tapes. Betacam sp tapes software free download betacam sp tapes. For our professional broadcast clients with betacam, or dvcpro tapes, we provide the highest quality broadcast tape conversion service in the united states. Convert betacam and dvcam to digital and dvd sunray video. Up until the digital revolution it was the dominant broadcast video format. Betacam sp, betacam sx, betacam digital and betacam imx. We use professional grade equipment and software to ensure your videos are returned in the highest quality possible. It uses a high precision network time protocol ntp which. Betacam sp magnetic storage tape sony pro betacam sp for over twenty years, broadcasters and producers have put their faith in the exceptional quality and performance of betacam sp tapes. We are looking for a component video with analog audio to sdsdi converter for our betacam sp deck.

We are not only known for our video tape high conversion services but also for the restoration technologies we use to make our video tape conversion services the best in the business. I would like to convert a betacam sp tape to dvd, assuming i have a dvd writter and a betacam machine. Minidv ntsc tapes recorded in lp or sp can be handled at our facility. If the capture card supports directshow, you can use huffyuv and other lossless codecs. Viewing 1 reply thread author posts february 3, 2010 at 4. We convert and transfer betacam video tapes to dvd and also transfer the beta tapes to a computer hard drive. There are two tapes sizes, the smaller ones are very similar to domestic beta betamax tapes to look at, and in the case of early betacam oxide tapes, the tapes are essentially identical. Digital betacam sp sx imx hdv hdcam dvcpro format conversion. Also in the list of betacam improvements, betacam sx was. High definition vhs, 8mm, hi8, minidv, digital 8, pal.

If you have access to a betacam deck for this, cant you use the same deck for output. In colloquial use, betacam singly is often used to refer to a betacam camcorder, a betacam tape, a betacam video recorder or the format itself. Just curious, but how do you import the betacam masters into vegas to begin with. I can capture dv tapes with 0 dropped frames and then get a tape from a dodgy camera or worn tapes and drop 100s of frames. You dont have to find your old movie or slide projector, turntable, tape player, etc and hook it all up again only to find that it may not work. Like most people you probably have lots of old sd footage lying around in 34 inch,vhs mini dv hi8 or beta cam tape doing nothing for your portfolio or precious memories. Convert vhs tapes to mp4 files av conversion services. Sony betacam was the go to video tape format for all television broadcast applications. Vhs ultimately won the race against betamax and betacam tapes. Conversion of broadcast tapes to mp4 file format cintrex av. Betacam sp tapes use a different metalfomulated magnetic layer and should not be used in consumer betamax equipment.

Same day service on most vhs vcr, svhs, betacam sp and 8mm minidv camcorder video tape to dvd transfer, audio cassette to cd and dat digital audio tape conversion orders. Because the machine will accommodate both the standard and large sizes, all cassettes for efp, eng, lms, and production vtrs can be recycled with this single machine. Youll also need special software to rip the video from the disc into an. All forms of beta tapes use the same shell and have the same width of the tape. Betacam is a halfinch professional video tape format. However, betacam sp tapes can be used without a problem in ed beta. Convert betacam tapes to digital if you or your organization still have video footage trapped on obsolete betacam cassettes, now is the time to have us digitize them for you. We make sure your audio and picture quality is optimal by using broadcast quality equipment.

We sell small and large betacam tape products including betacam sp, digital betacam, and betaca sx. Unfortunately, magnetic tapes such as betacam, digibeta, dvcpro, dvcam tapes and others were never designed to last forever. Blackmagic forum view topic best format for betacam sp. Get the best deals on betacam sp camcorder tapes when you shop the largest online selection at ebay.

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